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For Those of us a Little More Adventurous...

and love to delve deeply in to all that eroticism has to offer, I do enjoy play that is a little more bespoke and customized to fit our own unique pleasures.  I am highly skilled and experienced in creative role plays and fetish and love introducing new activities into our playtime to satisfy our mutual curiosities.
Below is a little peek in to my own ever blossoming repertoire and current fascinations. I sincerely pride myself on offering a safe, enthusiastic opportunity to explore your desires as well as my own.

And of course, I am open to much, much more; all you have to do is ask...


If you are interested in discussing before we meet, let's chat and see how we mesh on Niteflirt. Get a taste of my imagination.

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  • Bondage / Shibari /Encasement (see rope bondage below)
  • Spanking / OTK
  • Tease & Denial
  • Strap Training
  • High Protocol Servitude
  • Humiliation
  • Smothering
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Sensual Domination
  • CBT / Ball Busting
  • Slut Training


  • Foot & Leg Worship
  • Showers (inquire)
  • Textile Fetishes (see full wardrobe offerings below)
  • Crossdressing / Full Transformation / Feminization
  • Sensual Strap
  • Sploshing / Messy Play
  • ABDL
  • Tickling
  • Selective Switching (inquire)

Not all kink has a defined power dynamic, sometimes play is just that: play!

my hard limits will be discussed on a relevant, case by case basis in person. these limits are firm and non-negotiable.

Role Play


I definitely play well with others, so to say. Especially if you are an imaginative role player with a big appetite for creative, kinky fun. I get excited exchanging detailed messages with established playmates over our next tryst. I love researching and setting up elaborate props and costumes to make the experience as authentic and immersive as possible. I get deep in to character and my lively spirit easily carries across our story's momentum so we can achieve all of our erotic goals.

Although, fair warning, I am notorious for throwing in a carefully crafted twist or two!


role play greatest hits

  • Cheating Wife
  • Super Hero / Sci-fi Fantasy
  • President / Intern
  • etc
  • Office / Secretary
  • Chastity / Key holding
  • Naughty House Wife / Mommy
  • Interrogation / Spies
  • Teacher / Student
  • Age Play
  • Nurse / Patient

Check out my Role Play specific line on Niteflirt

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Fetish and Costume Wardrobe


available by request

  • Latex
  • Stockings / Pantyhose / Nylons
  • Corsets
  • Boots / Thigh High Boots
  • Collars / Masks
  • Full Bottom White Cotton Panties
  • Nurse Uniform
  • Office Attire / Pencil Skirts
  • Stilettos / Pumps
  • Full Body Catsuit
  • Delicate Lingerie
  • Silk
  • Fur 
  • Leather
  • PVC

rope Bondage

Featuring  Miss Josie Qu

Featuring Miss Josie Qu

The art of rope bondage is a particular pleasure of mine, both in play and pastime. I regularly am developing my skill to keep you squirming and struggling without hope of escape. I love the look and feel of natural rope, my favorite material being jute, especially pastels. Handcuffs are all well and good, (they definitely has their uses...), but they lack the customization and personal touch of traditional rope bondage.

Think of it as my signature.

A few times a year, I host rope related events at Chicago's favorite adult boutique, Taboo Tabou. Each event has sold out, so get your tickets quick when they become available! Below is a little resume of past and future meet ups!

Join me next time!